The rodeo.

After seeing the ducks I went to the rodeo. They had to have it inside as the weather was so terrible. I saw these children participating who were only 7 or 8 years of age and hoping to become the next rodeo champion. They were doing things such as barrel racing and weaving in and out of posts. They had to do it as quickly as they could and with a lot of people watching as well. I took pictures and made some videos of this like I did with the ducks. The horses were all nice looking and had a lot of energy.

Unfortunately one poor girl fell off her horse in front of everyone. She stood up on one foot and then cried out as she tried to stand on her other one. Clearly it was sprained so someone went rushing to her. She couldn’t walk so she had to be carried off crying all the way. Her horse was caught and taken away. The judges were always really nice and gave support no matter what the consequence. They kept asking the crowd to clap and make a lot of noise.

When it got to the weaving in and out of posts I think one boy was just too nervous as I saw his gran out in the rink with him. Just by her being there helped him calm his nerves. I could tell the horses were enjoying it. The ones waiting to go in kept rearing up as they were getting impatient.

I used to go horse riding for three years when I was living in England. I remember being really good at trot but not so good at canter. A time came where I just didn’t want to go anymore but I was told I was a good rider. I know that horses spook easily so sometimes I’m surprised that they’re not spooked by the loud crowd of people. This rodeo I went to was called ‘The little britches rodeo.’ It probably went on for most of the day but I left around 4 o’ clock. I like watching rodeos so I’ll probably go to another one in the future.

Barrel racing.
Barrel racing.

Interesting ducks.

I went to High River fairly recently because I’m currently a huge fan of the show ‘Heartland.’ I decided whilst I was there to go down to the large lake and see if I could see any interesting birds. I only had my phone camera on me which could not zoom in well so I made up my mind to take a picture of the ducks in the distance and then take one of the drawings on the board. When I got to the look out point there was another man there with a rather expensive looking camera with a massive lens. He could snap really wonderful pictures. I managed to see ducks such as :- the ruddy duck, cinnamon teal, northern shoveler and buffleheads. Two ducks actually got into a fight whilst I was there. I recorded that on my phone and put it onto Facebook. I just saw a lot of splashing and one duck pushing the other under the water. It then bobbed up like a cork and swan away.

When I got back to my car I turned my head and noticed three small black birds sitting on a rock. I took a picture of them and one was doing a dance trying to impress a female. She however did not seem interested. After a couple of dances the male finally gave up and hopped down from the rock. Better luck next time pal!

The weather wasn’t the best when I was in High River but I know we need the rain so I can’t really complain. There were loads of gulls down at the lake also and they were loving the wet weather. I’ve decided if I ever was reincarnated I would come back as an eagle. It would be amazing to be able to fly around the mountains all day long.

Birds on the rock.
Birds on the rock.

Too dry!

From raging fires to drought. I think this is only the beginning. The terrible fire that started in Fort Mcmurray is still burning and is now in Alberta and Fort Saskatchewan which is the province next door. I have seen wild fires before but never this big and for not as long. Natural? Or the beginning of something terrible that us humans have created? Of course I don’t need to ask myself this question but maybe other people do.

Many animals and people have lost their homes. How many more will suffer? Watching people driving through the Fort Mcmurray fires was one of the scariest things I’d ever seen. If that would’ve been me I would’ve thought that my number was up! On one of the dash cam videos it does look like a deer or something is running out of the burning forest. You have to look carefully but I’m pretty sure I can see the poor thing running for its life. I’m so glad no one was killed but I also know that the animals were not so lucky. I’m thinking sadly this is something we’ll see more often in the future. It’s only going to get hotter and hotter.

I’m also thinking that when a thunderstorm finally does hit Alberta it will be a HUGE one. I can’t say that I’m looking forward to that thunderstorm. I’m just imagining this giant storm with lots of lighting….

I heard in the future there might be wars over drinking water and possibly food. Global warming doesn’t just affect the weather it does have a massive affect on the food and water we rely on. Water is cheap? In the future this might not be the case. It might be high in value because it’s harder to come across. So just think about that the next time you drink a glass of water. It’s highly possible that, that simple glass is so precious in the future.

We’re seeing scary changes here and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon.

Says it all.
Says it all.


How often do we stop and marvel at the colours of the trees? If the trees could talk I’m sure they could tell us many stories. When I was a kid I used to like wading in the leaves of the trees. They used to come up to my ankles when they fell on the ground. When I was in school I used to press a piece of paper up against a leaf and rub with a crayon. This created the leaf pattern on the paper. We then hung them up in the school classroom. There is no mistaking it trees are beautiful!

In the fall they go red, orange, purple and brown. I think this is the most beautiful part of the year for trees. I heard down east Canada is fantastic with all the colours.

Trees are obviously very important to the earth too. Without trees there would be no us, no animals, no anything really. Oak trees live 100 or so years. If you want to live a long time, come back as an oak tree. I also heard some people believe they can actaully talk to the trees. If this is true what stories are they telling you?

We must be careful with how much we build on the land. More buildings equals less trees. I think some people reading this blog will think me as a tree hugger. But what if I am? Maybe I like to hug trees. Think if we never built civilization, how different would our planet look? It would probably be more pure.

Take a day out one day and just spend time with the trees. Maybe even climb one :-). Trees have been around for longer than we have and they’ll probably still be going after us. They are beautiful and fascinating, never forget how important they are!

tree 2.
tree 2.