Good dragonflies.

When I first moved to Canada I couldn’t believe how big the dragonflies were! In England they’re fairly small and just dance around the pond. These ones look like something out of the age of the dinosaurs. My mum hates anything flappy near her so when she came to Canada for a holiday she freaked out when these huge dragonflies would land on her. We’re told not to kill them, these insects are our friends and will chase and eat the mosquitoes. That was a big topic on the radio for awhile I remember – don’t kill the dragonflies!

On Canada day one year I remember watching the fireworks with my relatives and the dragonflies were all out in their droves. I liked watching them before the fireworks started off but I also knew that if my mum were there it would be her idea of hell. Mine is spiders and wasps.

When I was in BC for my cousins wedding I came across this dragonfly basking in the sun. I kinda joked that it was just trying to get a suntan. So I snapped this picture and afterward realized that I had not yet blogged about these insects. I haven’t seen many dragonflies this year though. But maybe I’ve just been looking in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sadly though when I drove forward and back to High River I did notice a fair few dragonflies that my car had killed along the way. They made a mess of my wind shield so I just sprayed them off with water. They’re not the most intelligent of things I know but they must have some sort of a brain in there somewhere.

I think the moral of this blog is respect all life however small and insignificant.