Dead or dying?

One morning I was driving to work and I heard on the radio that The Great Barrier Reef had died. It was on the heart radio station and the man host thought that the woman host was joking but she wasn’t. I was very saddened by this news and on my break I decided to look more into it. The internet was flooded with the news and people were even lying flowers down in respect of the beautiful reef. However a day later further news came out that The Great Barrier Reef wasn’t dead but dying. To be honest it doesn’t look very alive to me when I see the pictures. It’s gone from all these great colours and full of life to brown and nothing living there. Even if it’s dying does that mean “oh don’t worry about it” then? It’s not something to be shrugged off at all!

I’ve just watched this great documentry called ‘Before the flood’ with Leoanardo Dicaprio. Forgive my spelling by the way if this isn’t how you spell his name. He is in a movement to get the world to act on global warming. I say GOOD FOR HIM!! GO LEO!! In this they showed everything from the melting glaciers, to the burning rain forests, to the dead and dying coral. This really grabbed me because we’ve wasted so much time debating over this issue. No more talk now, just no more…..

I would love to go to The Great Barrier Reef myself. I’m starting to think you have to judge for yourself wether or not you think it’s dead. It’s on the cards for me to hopefully make this trip even though it’ll be a long flight. Although if I do go and see the state of this reef I’ll probably cry because from the pictures it looks like WW3 has arrived.

I think we have to look at The Great Barrier Reef like one of our own cities, along with other places of nature of course. How would we feel and where would we go if one of our majour cities were to die? It is the same thing really. Just because it’s at the bottom of the ocean doesn’t mean – out of sight, out of mind.

For now personally I’ll say for myself that it did unfortantly die, but that’s just my outlook. How many more reefs will suffer I wonder?

Orange and full of life.   I took this at the Seattle Aquarium.  This is how the reef probably looked like.
Orange and full of life. I took this at the Seattle Aquarium. This is how the reef probably looked like before.