Plastic is slowly becomming more and more of a problem for our wildlife. I’ve read that in the year 2040 we’re going to have more plactic in the ocean than fish! If you watch ‘Plastic Ocean’ on Netflix then this will give you a good insight on exactly how much of a problem it is. Plastic never really disintigrates compeletly it just works itself into smaller and smaller pieces. This then gets eaten by fish and guess who eats the fish….that’s right us! It can be toxic to eat so not only are we intoxicating the fish and other animals we are also intoxicating ourselves.

Poorer countries are unable to recycle properly. I’ve seen on TV that quieter islands are walking over the mounds of plastic that they have. It’s sad to think that they live like this along with the animals. But what about richer conutries? What’s our excuse for not recycling properly? That’s what I want to know. No I’m not here to point fingers but I have seen carborad boxes, paper and our good “friend” plastic being thrown in the trash. Maybe some people need that bit more education on exactly how important proper recycling is.

Not only is it dangerous to eat and animals have died because of it, it also creates a trapping hazard. Things like carrier bags can get tangled round anything and then whatever’s caught up in it dies a slow and painful death. Underwater carrier bags can actaully look like jellyfish and animals mistake this dangerous product as food……

If you look around I’m sure you’ll sadly see that plastic is everywhere and not just in our oceans. Its kicking about on land too and as I write this blog I’m sure that somewhere out there an animal has either eaten plastic or has got caught up in it.

My photo is meant to represent a plastic bottle flouting in a pond or river. I didn’t actaully want to phyically put it out there wrongly in an animal’s enviroment so I decided just to flout it in my kitchen sink before I recycled it. The message though I feel is still the same.

So what do we do about this ever growing plastic problem? Well as we all know it’s not going to change over night. Nothing ever does! We need to imprint this into our minds before trashing anything – THINK before you THROW! I now leave everyone with this meassage.

THINK before you THROW!
THINK before you THROW!