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Good dragonflies.

When I first moved to Canada I couldn’t believe how big the dragonflies were! In England they’re fairly small and just dance around the pond. These ones look like something out of the age of the dinosaurs. My mum hates anything flappy near her so when she came to Canada for a holiday she freaked out when these huge dragonflies would land on her. We’re told not to kill them, these insects are our friends and will chase and eat the mosquitoes. That was a big topic on the radio for awhile I remember – don’t kill the dragonflies!

On Canada day one year I remember watching the fireworks with my relatives and the dragonflies were all out in their droves. I liked watching them before the fireworks started off but I also knew that if my mum were there it would be her idea of hell. Mine is spiders and wasps.

When I was in BC for my cousins wedding I came across this dragonfly basking in the sun. I kinda joked that it was just trying to get a suntan. So I snapped this picture and afterward realized that I had not yet blogged about these insects. I haven’t seen many dragonflies this year though. But maybe I’ve just been looking in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sadly though when I drove forward and back to High River I did notice a fair few dragonflies that my car had killed along the way. They made a mess of my wind shield so I just sprayed them off with water. They’re not the most intelligent of things I know but they must have some sort of a brain in there somewhere.

I think the moral of this blog is respect all life however small and insignificant.

Interesting ducks.

I went to High River fairly recently because I’m currently a huge fan of the show ‘Heartland.’ I decided whilst I was there to go down to the large lake and see if I could see any interesting birds. I only had my phone camera on me which could not zoom in well so I made up my mind to take a picture of the ducks in the distance and then take one of the drawings on the board. When I got to the look out point there was another man there with a rather expensive looking camera with a massive lens. He could snap really wonderful pictures. I managed to see ducks such as :- the ruddy duck, cinnamon teal, northern shoveler and buffleheads. Two ducks actually got into a fight whilst I was there. I recorded that on my phone and put it onto Facebook. I just saw a lot of splashing and one duck pushing the other under the water. It then bobbed up like a cork and swan away.

When I got back to my car I turned my head and noticed three small black birds sitting on a rock. I took a picture of them and one was doing a dance trying to impress a female. She however did not seem interested. After a couple of dances the male finally gave up and hopped down from the rock. Better luck next time pal!

The weather wasn’t the best when I was in High River but I know we need the rain so I can’t really complain. There were loads of gulls down at the lake also and they were loving the wet weather. I’ve decided if I ever was reincarnated I would come back as an eagle. It would be amazing to be able to fly around the mountains all day long.

Birds on the rock.
Birds on the rock.


How often do we stop and marvel at the colours of the trees? If the trees could talk I’m sure they could tell us many stories. When I was a kid I used to like wading in the leaves of the trees. They used to come up to my ankles when they fell on the ground. When I was in school I used to press a piece of paper up against a leaf and rub with a crayon. This created the leaf pattern on the paper. We then hung them up in the school classroom. There is no mistaking it trees are beautiful!

In the fall they go red, orange, purple and brown. I think this is the most beautiful part of the year for trees. I heard down east Canada is fantastic with all the colours.

Trees are obviously very important to the earth too. Without trees there would be no us, no animals, no anything really. Oak trees live 100 or so years. If you want to live a long time, come back as an oak tree. I also heard some people believe they can actaully talk to the trees. If this is true what stories are they telling you?

We must be careful with how much we build on the land. More buildings equals less trees. I think some people reading this blog will think me as a tree hugger. But what if I am? Maybe I like to hug trees. Think if we never built civilization, how different would our planet look? It would probably be more pure.

Take a day out one day and just spend time with the trees. Maybe even climb one :-). Trees have been around for longer than we have and they’ll probably still be going after us. They are beautiful and fascinating, never forget how important they are!

tree 2.
tree 2.

The white rabbit.

I used to live in a house share with nine other housemates. It was always busy but sometimes a lot of fun. I spotted a rabbit that liked to hang around our house. He was there so much that I decided to name him Luke. Well in England they would be called hares but over here in Canada they’re called jack rabbits. They turn brown in the summer and white in the winter. They’re always seen in the city and I think they’re sweet.

One day I spotted Luke hanging around outside the window of the basement. He was still brightly white so I decided to take a picture of him and then much later on blog about him. He looked like the rabbit out of ‘Alice and Wonderland.’ All he needed was a watch, glasses, a jacket and to stand on his hind legs. “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date! No time to say “hello, goodbye.” I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!” Alas he just sat there staring at me waffling his nose. I didn’t chase him down a hole.

He was there for sometime before hopping off. I’ve seen him running across the road before. These guys are super fast and spry! Many people consider rabbits a problem but I see them as gentle, calm and collected creatures. I have currently moved out of that house share so it’s unlikely that I’ll see Luke again. However I will probably be seeing plenty of his rabbit friends around instead.

Scary spiders!

I am a complete weep when it comes to spiders.  I could blog for hours over the scary spider stories! When I was a kid my family and I stayed in a spider cottage. We called it the spider cottage because they were living in the thatched roof and then coming out and scaring us. I think this is where my fear of them came about just because in that particular place we were over run with them. I don’t like their 8 legs running across the floor. Just thinking about it sends a chill up my spine! I almost run into one at work and screamed the place down, I had one in my hair once and I’ve seen the egg sack of a spider explode into thousands of baby ones. They are by fear the creepiest thing on the planet. But I know nature needs them and they are important.

In this picture I found this big guy camped out next to my bed. With much screaming done I managed to find a glass and trap it. I slid paper underneath and tipped the glass the right way up. I could see it running around inside probably with confusion but I bravely took it to the door and dumped it outside. I say ‘bravely’ because it was for me. Five minuets passed and oh yes another one came running across my floor probably just as big. I tried to get rid of it the same way but that didn’t quite work out. As I tipped the glass up the right way the second spider didn’t fall to the bottom like the last one did. It stayed at the top clinging onto the paper. Then it slowly began to squeeze it’s legs out! Well that was it for me I screamed, put the glass down and fetched my housemate.
“Oh wow he’s a big guy! I’ll get him out.” Said my housemate and out went the second one.

I know my stories can never compare to lets say a venomous spider bite or indeed one falling down my neck but for me these encounters are quite enough. I’ve had nightmares about them in my bed and everything. I know that without them we’d be inundated with flies so I try and get them out if I can. But do they really have to look so terrifying? Leave comments below about your scary spider stories. I’d like to hear some more.