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Seattle aquarium.

I was lucky enough to go on a five day trip to Seattle. I saw some great things but one of the biggest highlights was the Seattle aquarium. It was a fairly big place and I used my city pass to get inside. The first thing I was faced with was this huge tank probably the size of a wall on the side of a house. In this tank they had lots of varieties of fish swimming around and a lady in there with them with her snorkelling gear on. She, along with another lady outside the tank were giving a talk on how she was breathing under water and what kinds of fish were in there. This talk was mainly for children. I moved onto the touch pools section fairly quickly and it was filled with starfish and sea enemies. These things obviously don’t move around a lot and I heard a child ask their parent “are they dead?” I heard my dad collected a dead starfish one time when he was away on holiday. I think my mum told him to get rid of it *laughs.*

They had jellyfish in an archway kind of tank and they had lights in there with them to make them glow as they swam. Next was this octopus that I snapped a picture of. Did you ever hear the story of Inky the octopus? On the news they reported that an octopus on the other side of the world, New Zealand had escaped it’s tank and gone back to the ocean. It had squeezed out of its tank, crawled across the floor and managed to make his way to sweet freedom. Who’s to say that this octopus here isn’t planning his own escape? *Great escape music starts.*

I move on now to some beautiful coral scenes, they had clown fish here as well as lion fish and the famous Dory fish from ‘Finding Nemo.’ Their real name is Blue Tang. More starfish were hanging out in this section stuck to the glass of the tanks or on the rocks. Some stingrays were in there with them, along with langoustines. The coral was either bathed in a glow of yellow, purple or blue light. Very, very pretty!

I walked in a dome shaped building where the fish could swim around you and next up where things like seals and sea otters. The sea otters were my favourite! We watched them being fed by the zookeepers. You could tell they were hungry, it’s like they were shouting “food, food! Give us food!” They were slippery little suckers and they reminded me of puppies at play time. They were just too cute for words! They were playing with each other in the water after feeding time, jumping in and out and really having a whale of a time.

I walked out the Seattle aquarium with lots of pictures and a few videos. I also bought an octopus costa. If I could I would take one of the sea otters home with me. Just put it under my jacket….they’ll never know…….

Sea otter.
Sea otter.

Calgary zoo.

I’ve been to Calgary zoo tons of times. The last time I went I was lucky enough to see this adult female elephant giving herself a dust bath. She was grabbing the dust by her truck and throwing it over her back. I love elephants they’re my second favourite animal. She also had a youngster with her roaming around the enclosure. They had a tire hanging down from a tree to play with and some rocks to rub up against. After her dust bath she was touching trucks with her baby.

I saw other things as well like hippos, fish, giraffes, an anteater and birds. It looked like the hippos and giraffes were sharing an enclosure! But when I looked more closely I did see a fence separating them. I heard that Calgary zoo has the best breeding programme for their animals. It took me all day to walk around this fantastic zoo. Maybe I’ll go again one day but since I live in Edmonton now it is quite a drive for me.

hippos and giraffes.
hippos and giraffes.